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Building a Serverless Data Warehouse in AWS

In this course, we will build a modern end-to-end Data Warehouse that is low cost, low-maintenance and scalable. After the course, we will provide you with access to the learning materials and tools in Github that let you replicate the services you have created in class. During the course, you will be provided with a prepaid AWS account.

​Building a Serverless Data Warehouse in AWS: Services


Teacher: Andres Namm

Target Audience

Developers and technical experts who want to get to know more about AWS through a hands-on workshop.


  • General programming and technical skills

  • General knowledge about AWS

  • Python


  • AWS Lambdas 

  • AWS Athena

  • AWS Glue 

  • AWS Step Functions

  • AWS S3


  • DBT

  • AWS CloudWatch

  • AWS Redshift 

  • Terraform 


After completing this course you will have the knowledge on how to create a scalable Data Warehouse in AWS

​Building a Serverless Data Warehouse in AWS: Text


If you have any questions call +37253426004

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

​Building a Serverless Data Warehouse in AWS: Support
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